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8 adults, 2 juveniles arrested for thefts in La Porte

A number of residents of the tiny community of La Porte detained suspects involved in the alleged theft of a snowmobile and burglary of a cabin until law enforcement arrived Sunday, March 18.

Eight adults and two juveniles were arrested when two Yuba County Sheriff’s deputies and five Plumas County Sheriff’s  deputies arrived on scene.

A report that a snowmobile was stolen from the La Porte area was received by dispatch at 2:23 p.m. At 4:48 p.m., dispatch next learned that suspects broke into a cabin in the same area.

Less than an hour later, it was reported that the snowmobile was located and that La Porte residents were detaining numerous suspects.

According to one resident, as he attempted to detain the man who allegedly stole the snowmobile, that man, Gary Wayne Clark, 38, allegedly attempted to run him over with the snowmobile, according to Sheriff Greg Hagwood.Deputies from Yuba County were the first to arrive. Because of the snowfall and road conditions, it took Plumas County deputies two-and-a-half to three hours to reach the scene, according to Sgt. Carson Wingfield.

Those adults arrested included Jeremy Lee Copenhafter, 34, charged with conspiracy, burglary and parole violation; Clark was charged with stealing a vehicle (snowmobile), burglary, assault with a deadly weapon and grand theft. Douglas Baltazone Jr., 21, was charged with possession of stolen property; Mona Dea Aebersold, 40, was charged with stealing a vehicle, grand theft, conspiracy and burglary; and Devin Douglas Aebersold, 18, was charged with possession of stolen property.

Sandra Arleana Eledrige Ramirez, 43, was charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance. Rayanna Len Whitley, 18, was charged with conspiracy, burglary and possession of stolen property. Patricia Daisylee Mobley, 33, was charged with two warrants from Butte County.

Two juveniles were also arrested and charged with burglary, conspiracy and possession of stolen property.

All of those arrested were from Olivehurst and the Live Oak area.

The adults were arrested and transported to the Plumas County jail. The juveniles were arrested and released to Plumas County Probation.

The eight adults were expected to be arraigned in Plumas County Superior Court sometime Wednesday, March 21, according to District Attorney David Hollister.

Quick response from law enforcement during summer months is difficult in the remote La Porte area. But during the snowy winter months response time is often delayed. Due to snow pack and road conditions, Plumas County Sheriff’s deputies have two choices, take the La Porte Road from Quincy by snowmobile or travel Highway 70 to Oroville and then take the Forbestown Road. That was the fastest and most practical route to take as members of the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office responded Sunday afternoon to reports of grand theft and burglary, Wingfield said.

Sheriff Greg Hagwood commended the response from Plumas and Lassen counties’ deputies, as well as the citizens of La Porte who used their vehicles to block the road and detained the suspects.

4 thoughts on “8 adults, 2 juveniles arrested for thefts in La Porte

  • Wow. So happy to see they were able to remove ten POS”s from LP in one move.
    It is so hard to catch the turds that break into the cabins that it’s wonderful to get a whole gaggle at once. Throw the book at them. Multi-Generational dirtbagism. OMG those mugshots are classick (sic). Look at those druggies. Think about them detoxing climbing the walls of PCJ. Blocking the road!! Strong move guys! Wish I was there to buy the brews! Man I can’t tell you how awesome you are. Wow!

  • Good job citizens of La Porte

  • May they get a good, very long stint in a rehab.

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