Family members from across the country gathered at the Wildwood Center in Chester on May 18 to say “Happy Birthday” to Carolyn Steurer. The gathering was planned to be a “belated” party due to the distances some had to travel. From left: Carolyn Steurer, daughter Kim Mays (Huntersville, North Carolina), daughter Lisa Lopez (Simi Valley) and son Rob Worthington (Klamath Falls, Oregon). She also had relatives come in from Wyoming and Tennessee. With lots of planning and help from Steurer’s local friends they put together an exciting and heartfelt tribute to their mom.

80 and still going strong

Longtime Chester resident and 31-year site manager at Wildwood Senior Center, Carolyn Steurer became the object of recognition and attention as her son and daughters organized a gathering of family and friends to celebrate her 80th birthday. The wooden spoon in Steurer’s right hand had special significance to several in the room as a symbol of motherly authority and guidance. Several even carried signs boasting, “I’m a wooden spoon survivor.” After many years of Carolyn serving the community, her children thought it was about time for her to be served. A tasty meal was indeed served as friends and family conveyed many thanks and congratulations. Photos by Gregg Scott