Center front, Dennis Black, president of the PESPA Board of Directors, welcomes, from left, Park Ranger Tim Quandt, volunteer Howard Lee, volunteer Tim Kurdupski, Volunteer John Sciborski and event organizer Nancy Degger along with 40 more celebrants to the Holiday Open House at Plumas-Eureka State Park headquarters Thursday evening, Dec. 12. Photo by Tim Hardie

PESPA hosts annual holiday open house

The Plumas Eureka State Park Association (PESPA) gave park staff and volunteers thanks and holiday wishes Dec. 12 at the…

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“The heavy workhorse snow machines at Plumas-Eureka State Park are not made to glide over soft fresh snow, they tend to auger down, but they are ‘beasts’ of burden meant to pull–heave ho!” said Ken McMaster. The machines are used to prepare the trails for cross country skiers and snow-shoers. Photo by Sandy

Trails being freshly groomed for cross-country skiers at Plumas Eureka

Two feet of light snow fell Jan. 27 with more the following day. The light snow is difficult to pack…

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