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A huge truck with crane attached and septic tank on board, pulls into the South gate to White Sulphur Springs Ranch. Photo by Mark Cowan

A big step forward at White Sulphur Springs Ranch

September 27 saw a milestone project completed at White Sulphur Springs Ranch (WSSR). Two giant concrete septic tanks were installed in ditches prepared by Mohawk Valley Stewardship Volunteers.  The tanks themselves and the labor to put them in place were donated by Kurt and Jill Jensen of Jensen Precast in Sparks, Nevada. This is a family company with facilities all over the United States.  The septic system is an important part of the infrastructure at WSSR that will enable the full use of the plumbing facilities in the bath house, pool and ranch house.

The donation by Jensen Precast is an amazing example of community support for the restoration project.  The cast concrete tanks, the trucks, the cranes and the expert labor would amount to around $12,000 if paid for by WSSR.

One of the drivers of the huge trucks making the deliveries was Noah Jensen, grandson of the founder of the company.

The WSSR website, www.WhiteSulphurSpringsRanch.com , has much more information about the progress to bring the historic ranch back for use by the community. Individuals and businesses can use the website to support the restoration through memberships, direct contributions and legacy brick purchases.

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