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Support Plumas Community Hospice and buy a chance to win this Carolyn Kenney quilt. Photo submitted

A chance to benefit Plumas Community Hospice

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. Area residents are fortunate to be served by the volunteers of Plumas Community Hospice, and have a chance to show that gratitude by purchasing a $10 raffle ticket for a Carolyn Kenney quilt. Tickets are now on sale at Carey Candy/Bell Lane Baked Goods. 

Following is a message from Hospice:

The community is fortunate to have a volunteer Hospice program that has been active for over 20 years. We currently have a dozen volunteers who help families over the phone or in their homes. Anyone can contact us as individuals or through their physician. People often ask us why we volunteer to do something that is so sad.
Well, yes it is sad, heartbreaking and challenging, but the gifts we receive are many as we help families with their loved ones. It is like being a midwife for this last chapter of their lives. Ideally, we want people to leave in a loving and safe environment like when a baby arrives. We try to help each person to be cared for, comfortable and out of pain as much as possible as they prepare for this last journey when they transition out of this life.
When we are invited into the home, it is like we are walking into a unique story that is unfolding. We begin by respectfully  listening  to the families needs and concerns. It is a very vulnerable time for everyone. Then we are able to provide the needed comfort, care, guidance regarding the dying process, resources and respite relief for the caregivers. In addition we offer lots of openhearted emotional support for the roller coaster ride of grief.
Another big reason we do Hospice care is that it is constant reminder to be fully present. We may not see this person tomorrow. Or they may be around for months. We are very aware of how precious life is and to live each day as fully as we can. Maybe open our heart a little more, forgive people, enjoy  walks in nature, time with family and friends and take those adventure we keep putting off. Fill ourselves with gratitude and embrace the seasons of our lives and the seasons of our community.
 So, we also want to let everyone know that we are a nonprofit organization that relies solely on donations and fundraising. This year we are  fortunate to have Carolyn Kenney donate one our her large and lovely guilts. She is an incredibly gifted artist and a very generous and kind person. Tickets are $10 each and you can contact our Hospice phone number at 530 394-7228 as to where to buy tickets.  The drawing will be December 20, 2021. Thank you so much for supporting our local Hospice. And remember…live your life as fully as you can!

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