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A county devoted to the well-being of its citizens

Plumas County entities are devoted to promoting the well-being of its citizens. That fact became abundantly clear as we processed stories for this week’s newspapers.

Let’s start with Dale Knutsen’s opinion piece on Plumas County Search and Rescue. The public might not be aware that with exception of the team leader, who is a senior deputy, all of the search and rescue team members are unpaid volunteers. In 2018 those volunteers responded to more than 100 dispatched calls for help. That averages to about two calls each week.

And every call is different — from location, victim situation, weather, time of day, etc., but in all cases the circumstances are seldom easy (if they were, search and rescue wouldn’t be needed). The volunteers sometimes put their own lives at risk to rescue a victim. The work often requires special skills that necessitate even more time away from home to train.

As Knutsen points out, often the calls come at night, after friends and family have exhausted their own resources. His opinion piece not only lauds the exemplary work of the volunteer search and rescuers, but asks members of the public to do their part to minimize the risks. There are simple precautions that we can all take to keep ourselves from being in need of those services.

We want to thank the individuals who are members of the Plumas County Search and Rescue team for their dedication and service.

Then there’s the announcement that U.C. Davis Health has named Plumas District Hospital as its newest Rural Center of Excellence.

The special designation recognizes the Quincy healthcare facility for becoming a training site for U.C. Davis medical students and for its emphasis on quality clinical care, especially in areas such as maternity services, medical training and performance improvement.

The hospital’s former CEO, Dr. Jeff Kepple, made it his goal to achieve the distinction and the benefits it would bring to local healthcare. The effort took considerable time, energy and diligence to meet the rigorous standards set by U.C. Davis.

“We’re honored to have achieved Rural Center of Excellence status,” said Kepple. “It is a fulfillment of our vision to be the community’s first choice for health care, while growing as a rural teaching institution and center of excellence. Partnering with U.C. Davis Health is really a national model for how a rural hospital can flourish through quality-driven care, while simultaneously training the next generation of rural doctors and providers. Designation not only formalizes and strengthens our relationship with U.C. Davis, but also highlights our long-standing efforts to provide outstanding care despite our remote location and limited resources.”

Congratulations to Plumas District Hospital for this distinction.

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