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A look at COVID in the region

As of the evening of Dec. 28, Plumas County was reporting 463 cases with 44 active and three deaths. Plumas County’s population is estimated 18,040, which would mean roughly 2.5 percent of county residents have contracted the virus.

But how does that compare to neighboring counties? Each county releases various information on its website as it pertains to coronavirus. The state maintains a master list, but its information often lags behind the county’s data. Here is a snapshot of what’s being reported as of Dec. 28.

Sierra County is reporting 41 total cases, with four active — three of those are hospitalized. Sierra has an estimated population of 2,987, which would mean just about 1.4 percent of its residents have tested positive for the virus.

In Lassen County there are 1,371 community cases with 456 active, 894 recovered, 14 currently hospitalized and seven deaths reported. The total Lassen community case count has increased by 300 in the past 11 days. (Figures associated with the two prisons are tabulated separately.) Lassen has a population of roughly 30,528, so close to 5 percent of the residents have tested positive for coronavirus.

Washoe County has reported 35,038 cases, with 14,086 active cases. The number of active cases has increased by 1,000 during the past 11 days. There have been 460 deaths attributed to COVID reported in Washoe County. With a population of 478,155, that means approximately 7.3 percent of the population has tested positive.

In Tehama County there are 3,222 cases with 1,298 active cases and 34 deaths reported. With a population estimated at 66,100 residents, just shy of 5 percent of residents have tested positive for the virus.

Butte County is reporting 7,051 cases and 88 deaths. With a population estimated at 208,033, roughly 3.3 percent have tested positive.


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