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The Chester Volcano football coaches agree on a smile with the first-place plaque earned by the undefeated CHS team. From left, offense coach Scott Oswald, head coach T. J. Ragan, defense coach Oliver Pollard and Assistant coach Steve Lawson. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

A look at the Chester champs

The Chester Volcano football team achieved its third goal to be undefeated sectional champions Nov. 22 in front of stands full of dedicated Volcano fans. They witnessed their team defeat the Fall River Bulldogs by a score of 14-0. (A wrap-up of that game was printed in last week’s edition of the newspaper.)

“It was great to have the Chester community behind us all season long,” said Chester High School head football coach T. J. Ragan. The coach said the first two goals the team had were to become a family and a team. “I am proud of the team, players and coaches, for accomplishing all they set out to do this season,” said Ragan.

Eighteen members make up the undefeated 2019 team: seniors Michael Bereznak, Trenton Longacre, Hunter Snyder and Callum Kremer; juniors Nick Brent, quarterback Kameron Stelzriede, Alex Sullens and Jacob Williams; sophomores Zach Brent, Ryan Monday, Joe Garrett, Richard Long, Andrew Storey and Nick Bauer. Freshman Volcanoes are Parker Montgomery, Logan Oswald, Haven Chase and JJ Jacobs.

“All four of our seniors did an excellent job leading and unifying us on the field,” said Ragan. “Our team played as one unity Friday night.”

The Volcano Boosters put on a heck of a smoky feast at the snack shack during games and the cheerleaders consistently provided great halftime entertainment. All of that made it easier for fans to fill the stadium in support of the undefeated Vols.

One Chester fan offered to pay $1,000 in admission fees for Chester students to attend the final championship game. But even still, Volcano fans of all ages certainly deserve credit for their dedication in the freezing Chester temperatures that set in during the final sectional games. Go Volcanoes! Now let’s all head indoors for basketball!

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