A look at water temps/oxygen in Lake Almanor watershed

By Phil Datner
Special to Plumas News
The Lake Almanor Watershed Group (LAWG), a part of Sierra Institute, has played a major role in performing lake measurements four times annually over the years.  The vertical water column has been measured for several key indicators.  The graphs below show two items measured near Canyon Dam, that have been averaged over seven years, to give an indication of what is happening in the lake at different depths.
The Watershed Group is always looking for people to volunteer, either with boats or to take measurements.  You can call Sierra Institute at 530-284-1022 or email [email protected].
Above graph shows water temperature, averaged. During the summer, the top 30 feet of water, may be a little too warm for fish.
Above graph shows dissolved oxygen, averaged.  During the summer, water below about 45 feet, may be lower in dissolved oxygen than what fish like. The lake gets stratified and the deepest water dissolved oxygen gets close to zero.  So during the summer, the fish have a smaller portion of the lake to roam around.  During the winter, the fish have the whole lake to roam.