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Concrete pumping equipment pours the slab of the bathhouse at the White Sulphur Springs Ranch site overlooking the Mohawk Valley. Photos courtesy of Linda Cooley

A milestone is reached at White Sulphur Springs Ranch

Heavy equipment operated on the grounds of the White Sulphur Springs Ranch in Clio on Nov. 14. Concrete was poured for the foundation and slab of the bathhouse, which will serve the new swimming pool.

Crews from White Cap Concrete Pumping and Crete Craft in Portola showed up in the early morning with temperatures in the high teens. Shivering volunteers of the Mohawk Valley Stewardship Council arrived at 7 a.m. to witness the event.

Completion of the slab is a very early part of the rehabilitation of the historic property. There are some funded improvements scheduled for the historic ranch house such as roof repair and infrastructure, but future major steps forward will depend on grants and contributions.

The newly poured bathhouse slab in relation to the historic Ranch House.

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