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A miracle in Quincy; coming to Susanville next

By Ken Donnell

Special to Plumas New


Yesterday, I witnessed a miracle.  It happened in Quincy.  And yes, there were angels present. Thanks to the superhero efforts of many volunteers and several private relief organizations, approximately 15 tons of relief supplies were distributed to approximately 400 fire refugees on Sunday afternoon at the Les Schwab tire location in Quincy CA.  Everything from hot food to diapers to battery packs, bottled water, and hand-dipped ice cream was handed out to these refugees via an orderly and efficient drive-thru format organized the Tiny Pine Foundation, Angels Among Us, and many other local and  regional organizations.


There will be two similar pop-up drive-thru refugee relief events next Sunday, Aug. 15.  The Quincy event will also be at Les Schwab Tires, and the Susanville event will occur at a yet to be disclosed location. Stay tuned to plumasnews.com for more information about  both of these pop-up drive-thru events.


The power of this event was so great that there was simply no time to do anything but help.  And this is why I have no photos to share. Nor could I find anyone after the event who had time to take photos.  One simply had to be there.  Maybe this is just how miracles work.  Perhaps we need to be so completely present in the moment that we are somehow able to cross a magical  threshold to a place where what we normally call normal, actually becomes a miracle.


I must add that there were actually two miracles which occurred yesterday.  Upon witnessing so many resources available, and so many volunteers doing such incredible work,  a small group of Miracle City veterans from 2018 Paradise Camp Fire organized an impromptu relief convoy to Susanville, where many refugees and evacuees have gathered, and no substantial relief supplies had been delivered …  based on the first person reports I have received.  This convoy was organized in only three hours, arrived in Susanville by 6 p.m., and delivered two pickup loads of relief supplies to a hundred persons in need. This was not accomplished merely by human hands.  We were clearly being guided by a higher power, and what was accomplished truly was a miracle.

Someday, I hope I will understand why we need a disaster to give us the ability to create and appreciate such miracles.  And I hope that someday, we will all come to call such miracles normal.

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