A new Eagle soars in Lassen District

Eagle Scout Brendan Casaurang (left) with Troop 405 Scoutmaster Ryan Erwin on Feb. 13, a date to be remembered by Brendan and his family as he shares his Scouting experience with a five person board of review from across the Lassen District of the Nevada Area Council and is successfully confirmed as the districts newest Eagle Scout. Photo submitted

Stories about Eagle Scouts are a good example of mixed emotions for the writer.

First of all it is an extreme pleasure to recognize the efforts of young men that have gone above and beyond the norms of most teenagers and persevered down the trail to accomplishment.

The other side for the writer is the knowledge that no Scout ever attains the rank of Eagle Scout all by themselves.

Active/involved parents, Scout leaders, merit badge counselors, camp counselors, fellow Scout members and family friends are just a few of those that contribute to an individual Scout’s success.


Such is the case with the Nevada Area Council, Lassen District’s newest Eagle Scout.

Fifteen year-old Brendan Casaurang is a Susanville resident and member of Boy Scout Troop 405.

He was confirmed by a five-person board of review as having met all the requirements to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout on Feb. 13.

As with all Eagle Scout candidates he was required to identify a need, ascertain a solution, make a plan and use leadership skills to implement the plan.

Those skills include using assets and manpower from both the community and fellow Scouts and Scouters.

Casaurang discovered through his friendship with a foster child that they cannot take anything with them from their previous home as they enter a new foster home.  That is to say, “Nothing they can call their own.’”

After contacting Lassen Family Services CASA Program, he was able to ascertain what would be the proper age-appropriate items that would best help kids as they enter a new foster home.


With the support of CASA and numerous community businesses, organizations and Scouts, he was able to put “Foster Kids Matter” into operation and fill over 70 duffle bags with all types of personal items.

Toiletry items, gift cards, books, games and toys for several different age categories were collected and sorted and loaded into the duffles.

Along with using the Community Church in Susanville as the sorting/production center, they have also committed to helping make this a continuing project.

This is also a great example of the maturity and leadership that is acquired by young men that stay with the Scouting program.

Scoutmaster Ryan Erwin and the Casaurang family were at the Board of Review to share in the celebration.

At least one member of the review board always reminds the new “Eagle” that this accomplishment is not the end of a challenge, but the beginning of a lifetime of service to community, citizenship and humanity.


Well done, Eagle Casaurang!