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The restored facade of the old ranch house at Christmas time 2022. Photo submitted

A new face on an old friend

Submitted by John Lullo

In September of 2021 the front porch of the old house at White Sulphur Springs Ranch began to get a facelift that had been planned for years. Motorists traveling on Highway 89 near the entrance to the Mohawk Valley saw the improvements progress day by day.   Each time they passed the historic ranch site, the front face of the house looked a little different … a little better.

In February and March of last year, volunteers John Barker and Don Maddelena made significant progress. All of the structural rebuilding was completed and approved by the County.  Some of the original 140-year-old balusters had been restored.  New ones were made to match. Skirting and handrails had not been seen on the old ranch house since they were destroyed in 2008.  Great pains were taken to restore the original character of the historic ranch house.

It was designated an historic structure in the 1983 Plumas County general plan. In spite of this the old house was in the process of being dismantled in 2008 when the community took notice and started the campaign to save what was left of the historic site.  The Mohawk Valley Stewardship Council (MVSC) was formed in 2009 and the restoration began. Community members who would like to be a part of this effort should call Judy Porep-Lullo at 530-836-0254.

The old ranch house as it stood in 2008. Half a roof, boarded windows and a missing front porch. Photo submitted


Volunteers John Barker and Don Maddelena (left) work on the front face of the old ranch house at White Sulphur Springs Ranch in Clio. Photo submitted

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