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Feather River College student leaders gather at Grizzly Creek Camp near Portola for a two-day leadership conference. They left with new friendships and lifelong skills. Photos submitted

A view from 40 feet up

Taking the “Leap of Faith” during FRC’s leadership camp at Grizzly Creek Ranch.
FRC students attend leadership camp

Feather River College students took a “leap of faith” and attended a two-day leadership camp at Grizzly Creek Ranch outside of Portola.

Michelle Petroelje, director of student success and support programs, and Jeff Lewis, student life and engagement specialist, led the group of 16 earlier this month.

The students who attended the camp included the 2018/19 Student Ambassadors, ASFRC President and other student leaders from a variety of athletic teams. Over the course of the two days, the students worked on improving their communication, collaboration, leadership and teamwork skills through a series of trust exercises, ropes courses, games, and bonding around the campfire. 

On the second day of the event, Chief Student Services Officer Carlie McCarthy and Student Success Specialist Stacey Svilich arrived just in time to join the others in the “Leap of Faith,” a 40-foot climb and jump that was the ultimate test of teamwork and trust.

The students were impressed that not only did all four staff members take the leap, but that they trusted the students enough to belay them to safety. The “Leap of Faith” was a special bonding and teambuilding activity for staff and students alike.

Overall the students were very pleased with their time at the leadership camp and said it would benefit their life at FRC and beyond.

This leadership camp is just one of the many ways Feather River College is working toward bringing its student body together to create strong connections and friendships, to build upon student leadership, and to continue working towards incredible student success.

Student reactions

“I learned that leading isn’t always telling what to do; sometimes it’s good to sit and listen.”

“I learned that I am capable of more than I thought.”

“I was surprised at other people’s opinions of me; they made me feel like a good leader and I didn’t know people thought that.”

“I became friends with people I didn’t know I had things in common with and probably wouldn’t have hung out with otherwise.”

“I learned to give everyone a chance because you never know who can be there for you.”

“I learned that I can apply these things to everything I do in life.”

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