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A wet October in the Almanor Basin – 3 times normal precipitation in some areas

By Dale Knutsen

The long dry spell in the Lake Almanor basin was broken in October when both light snowfall and heavy rains arrived.  The amounts varied around the area but it was a welcome arrival throughout.

The west shore picked up 1.5 inches of snowfall on the 18th, followed by some serious rains as an atmospheric river bore down on the state.  By the time it was all done, the automated monitoring site at Prattville had registered 8.86 inches of precipitation for the month.  That brought our July-June water year total to 9.35 inches, or about 3 times the usual amount at this early point in the season.

October temperatures averaged near normal for the morning lows but more than four degrees cooler for the highs. More than half of the mornings were at freezing conditions or colder.

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