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Acting general manager announced at AVCSD

Following a closed session Thursday, Aug. 8, American Valley Community Services District Board of Directors President Denny Churchill announced its new acting general manager.

Assistant General Manager Mike Green will be filling the slot left temporarily vacant by Jim Doohan.

Doohan is out on medical leave. Green will fill that position until Doohan’s anticipated return.

Green will be compensated for his increased responsibilities. The amount was not disclosed.

During the regular session of the AVCSD meeting Green went over plans that he and Doohan had in place before Doohan’s unexpected leave.

Green will visit new treatment operations including those at Fort Bragg, Eureka and Ferndale. Some of the new treatment plants are already online, Green explained to the board.

The purpose is to give Green and subsequently members of the AVCSD board of directors a better idea about what to expect  when it comes to Quincy’s sewage treatment plant.

A new treatment plant, required by the state under Assembly Bill 1471 in November 2014, is the reason for the consolidation of two separate districts. Approved by combined directors in 2017, East Quincy Services District became known as East Zone and Quincy Community Services District became known as West Zone.

Engineers and State Water Resources Control told directors that it would be easier to secure grant funding if the two districts consolidated.

At that time, Green was the general manager at EQSD. Jim Doohan was the longtime testing lab worker at QCSD. Doohan was offered the position of general manager replacing Larry Sullivan, who retired. Green accepted the position of assistant general manager.

As consolidation efforts continued, directors outlined responsibilities for the general manager and assistant manager positions.

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