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The men’s final race shows winner Adam “The Interloper” Henriquez of South Lake Tahoe coming in first, Dale “The Butcher” Lambert of Portola coming in second and Max “El Blanco Diablo” Breedlove placing third. Photo by Joanne Wilson

All hail Longboards!

The first in the series of three 2020 World Championship Longboards races took place at Johnsville’s Historic Ski Bowl under sunny skies and on freshly fallen snow Jan. 19 in front of the Intorf Lodge.

Music, food, beverages and good sportsmanship were the name of the game as longboard ski racers climbed the hill to try their luck and skill in the elements in front of an enthusiastic crowd of spectators.

The winners of the season’s first competition, first through third, were Adam “The Interloper” Henriquez, Dale “The Butcher” Lambert and Max “El Blanco Diablo” Breedlove for the men. Rachel “The Rascal” Bauer, Truly “Fast” Tanner and Jessica “Johnsville” Nelson placed in the women’s races.

The second race in the series is Sunday, Feb. 16, and the 2020 Longboard World Championship is Sunday, March 15, weather permitting.

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