Now there will be an AED in each sheriff's patrol vehicle thanks to Eastern Plumas Fire and an anonymous donor. Shown from left: Sam Blesse, EMS Supervisor Care Flight; Zoella Stancer, Plumas District Hospital; Sgt. Carson Wingfield, Plumas County Sheriff’s Office; Elaine Frank, Eastern Plumas Rural Fire; and Deputy Chrissy Ross, Plumas County Sheriff’s Office.

All Plumas sheriff’s vehicles to be equipped with AEDs

By Sam Blesse

Special to Plumas News

Having AEDs (automated external defibrillators) in the field with our Plumas County Sheriff’s Office deputies is a huge asset in our rural communities. More often than not, they are the first to arrive at the scene of an emergency. For many years, the PCSO has had several AEDs, but not enough to keep one in each patrol vehicle.

It has been apriority for some time to outfit every PCSO deputy and patrol sergeant vehicle with their own AED, however AEDs cost anywhere from $700-1500,and are cost prohibitive for many law enforcement agencies across the country.

Eastern Plumas Rural Fire has graciously agreed to loan the Sheriff’s office five AEDs, which will ensure that all the deputies and the sergeant that are assigned to the Portola area will now be equipped with an AED in their vehicle.

Additionally, the Central Plumas Heartsafe Community has received an anonymous donation from a local citizen for almost $6,000. Because of this donation, which was specifically gifted to purchase AEDs for the Sheriff’s office, the Heartsafe Community was able to acquire eight additional AEDs for PCSO. These 13 AEDs will mean that every patrol deputy and sergeant in Plumas County will now have an AED with them at all times.