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Almanor Foundation names new executive director

Moorea Stout

Moorea Stout is the new executive director of the Chester-based Almanor Foundation, which began in October 2020.

“When asked to be on the founding steering committee to launch a foundation that would spur economic growth, I was all in. I am thrilled and honored that now as Executive Director I can have a greater role and impact on what the foundation can accomplish,” says Stout.

Stout first visited Plumas County in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the area. Living in San Clemente and owning a high-end kitchen design company, she began transitioning her business in order to make the move to Indian Valley, which happened in 2015. Not long after making her home with her husband in Crescent Mills, she began volunteering for the Sierra Institute and joined the staff as Director of Development in 2018.  She was thrilled to have the opportunity to leave the high-pressure design world and use her talents to improve her community.

“Being a volunteer for the Sierra Institute, it seemed to be something I could do well with my background as a business owner,” she adds. Stout remained at Sierra Institute for three years, more than doubling the amount raised each year. She remains a committed volunteer for the organization.

When the Dixie fire engulfed Plumas County, The Almanor Foundation implemented the Wildfire Relief Fund within five days under the direction of volunteer executive director, Susan Bryner. With the ongoing needs of those effected by the fire and long-term consequences, the board realized that as an all-volunteer organization they needed an experienced director who could meet the demands of the funds, long-term planning for the rebuild of the area and implementation of the initiatives that were in place. Due to a group of patrons who saw the need and the vision of the Foundation, funds were donated and designated allowing the board to recruit an Executive Director.

Moorea, as an active, contributing member of the steering committee, was aware of the challenges of starting a foundation and now the immediate needs of the community with the devastation of the fire. When the position of Executive Director became available, it was the opportunity she was seeking knowing her experience at the Institute and skills running a design and construction business could immediately affect the rebuild and revitalization of her community and assist with the foundation’s projects and initiatives.

“We are thrilled to have Moorea on board. With her talents, leadership ability and commitment to what we have dubbed ourselves as, ‘the can-do-community,’ we only see The Almanor Foundation growing faster and making a greater impact in the county,” says Judith Chynoweth, board chairman.

“Being on the ground-floor of a foundation has its challenges but also allows creative opportunities. My goal is to make a difference in the community sooner rather than later and even become a model for other rural areas throughout the country who have visions of growth and improving the quality of life of their communities,” she adds with her soft-spoken voice that many have come to recognize maybe gentle but is filled with determination.


The Almanor Foundation is a fund of the North Valley Community Association, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. For more information, please visit thealmorfoundation.org or call 530.264.5064

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