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The Quincy High School soccer team and cheerleaders receive an enthusiastic greeting from the crowd. Photo by Debra Moore

Along the parade route in downtown Quincy

Sun beat down on Quincy as the Plumas Sierra County Fair parade participants made their way down Main Street to the cheers of the crowd this morning, July 30. Tommy Miles of KQNY emceed the event in front of Plumas Bank, while Ron Trumbo of KnLF called out the entries in front of the Plumas County courthouse. The annual parade is sponsored by the Quincy Chamber of Commerce.  Enjoy some photos from today’s fair parade and don’t forget that there are two more days to attend the Plumas Sierra County Fair. Country singer Jake Jacobson headlines the fair this evening at 7 p.m. and the car races take over the grandstand Sunday evening.

Plumas County Sweetheart of the Mountains Hailey Crump and first runner-up Adeline Taylor ride down Main Street in the fair’s people mover. Photo by Debra Moore
John Kolb, the 2022 honorary Mayor of Quincy, makes his way along the parade route. Photo by Debra Moore
Plumas Bank’s colorful entry nears the end of the parade route in front of the Plumas County courthouse.
Quincy Volunteer Fire Chief Robbie Cassou drives a vintage vehicle, while a parade of more modern engines also participated. Photo by Debra Moore
Families line the sidewalks along the length of the parade route. Quincy Fire helps to lead off the parade with the “Q” in the background. Photo by Debra Moore
Quincy Tow is always a popular parade entry. Here it makes the turn at the end of the parade route. Photo by Debra Moore
Chandler and Tanah Peay, along with their young son, represent the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. Photo by Debra Moore
By foot, by car and by horse, including this wagon representing Greenhorn Ranch, move down the parade route. Photo by Debra Moore
This Plumas National Forest representative was particularly popular with the children as he made his way down Main Street with a basket of chocolate. Photo by Debra Moore
Kids scramble for the candy — which was in good supply along the parade route. Photo by Debra Moore
The best part of the parade of this little guy? The candy! Photo by Debra Moore

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