Alicia Dalton is taking care of the animals that had to be left behind in Indian Valley due to the Dixie and Fly fires. Photo courtesy of Facebook

An Indian Valley superhero is caring for the animals

By Ken Donnell 
Special to Plumas News
One of the unsung heroes helping out in Greenville these days is Alicia Dalton, who is making the rounds of houses around Greenville to provide food and water to pets and animals left behind during the recent evacuation for the Dixie Fires. Alicia lives just off Williams Valley Road, and felt she could not abandon her own animals when the call for evacuation came.  When I sent out a request through asking for help with tending animals left  behind, Alicia contacted me almost immediately.
Alicia reports that she is tending animals at approximately 8 different addresses around the Greenville area. Chickens are the most common animals needing care, but she is also caring for cats, dogs, and goats.  Alicia’s kindness and concern for animals and their owners is a great blessing during these traumatic times. She is helping evacuees rest a bit more easy, knowing that their animals are being cared for.  And most of us probably also feel comforted knowing that even in these most difficult of times, there are still residents of Greenville ready to help as best they are able.
There must be many such stories of quiet heroism around Greenville and Plumas County during the Dixie Fire.  I will try to bring such information to public attention through, both during, and after this crisis. I encourage others in Plumas County  who know about the work of such quiet heroes to do the same.  
The true superheroes of this world do not leap tall buildings or stop speeding bullets.  The true superheroes mostly live quiet lives, and take care of the simple everyday tasks which keep our world functioning, happy, and beautiful. These real superheroes do not live in comic books or movie screens…. they most likely live next door, or just down the street.   These real superheroes are our neighbors, our classmates, our fellow workers, and many who enjoy their retirement by helping others.  I am most proud and happy to call some of these superheroes my good friends.