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Third-graders in the RedRover “It’s Cool to be Kind” Humane Education program created posters representing empathy and compassion for animals and humans. This winning poster is from Abigail Etter of Quincy Elementary. She is in Mrs. Groh's class.

Animal rescue teaches students what’s ‘cool’

Claire Hinds, poster winner Mrs. Hintz’s class at Quincy Elementary School.

High Sierra Animal Rescue volunteers have completed another successful year presenting the RedRover “It’s Cool to be Kind” Humane Education program to all third-grade classrooms in the Plumas Unified School District.

In this program, volunteers visit classrooms and read books about animals that illustrate the human-animal bond while teaching empathy and awareness about themselves and their community.

The books are chosen from the RedRover Readers curriculum — a nationwide anti-cruelty and anti-bullying program. HSAR volunteers are trained to ask questions that generate critical thinking skills while fostering empathy and compassion for animals and humans.

Students receive RedRover Readers pencils, stickers and HSAR “It’s Cool to be Kind” bracelets.

The program culminates in a poster contest. Students are asked to create a poster representing what they learned from the RedRover Readers books and discussions.

HSAR announced the winners of the poster contest. Grand prize goes to Katie Romero from Mrs. Cone’s class at C. Roy Carmichael Elementary School.

The following students won the poster contest for their class: Dakota Nyberg from Mrs. Kooyman’s class at CRC; Claire Hinds from Mrs. Hintz’s class and Abigail Etter from Mrs. Groh’s class, both at Quincy Elementary School; Sammy White from Mrs. Geer’s class at Chester Elementary School; and Zachary Smith from Mrs. Foy’s class at Indian Valley Elementary School.

Program coordinator Kimberly Kaznowski said, “Thanks to all of the third-graders for participating in this important program. The poster entries were terrific this year. Great job and congratulations to all of the third grade students in the county! All of you are examples of how ‘It’s Cool to be Kind!’”

HSAR has saved the lives of thousands of local homeless pets since its inception in 1999. HSAR receives no local, state or federal funding and is supported by donations and fundraisers throughout the year. A state of the art public boarding facility provides additional funds for their rescue work.

The next fundraiser is Paws on Parade on Saturday, June 23, in the park in Graeagle. This family and dog friendly festival is a major event for the community. To learn more about HSAR and/or to make a donation to support their life saving work, contact them at 832-4727 or [email protected].

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