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Daisy is looking for her forever home!

Animal Tales: Cute kittens to take home

Submitted by Friends of Plumas County Animals

Our animals are all back at the rescue after the fire evacuation from Quincy. Many of our amazing volunteers came forward and took our sweet felines into their homes and loving care while they were displaced. We actually adopted out four kittens in the week they were evacuated! Great job everyone!

Currently at the site we have two tuxedo brothers who are 3-months old — Mutt and Jeff. They are super sweet and playful, healthy and ready for a new home together. We also have four 5-week-old kittens who are in foster care. These babies are really coming along well and are all purring and getting socialized. The two long hair black brothers, Easy and Mark, are absolutely adorable and have the sweetest personalities. They are really special kittens and are going to make fantastic companions and pets. Their two sisters are a calico and tortoiseshell color and they are gorgeous! Be ready to fall in love!

We have a special girl who is in need of a special home. Daisy is about 2 years old and is a very quiet and laid back young cat. She was traumatized in her former home by other animals and really needs a home with no other pets and a single person or quiet couple to bond with. She is really super sweet, but is very shy. Daisy likes to be petted and brushed and really just needs her patient person to show up and take her home and give her time to adjust and trust. Please, Deserving Daisy needs help to find her forever home.

The rescue site is also going through a physical change. We have had all the old carpeting torn out and the replaced with vinyl plank flooring. New flooring, new washable rugs, new curtains and paint, new blinds—a clean and fresh look for the rescue and a more pleasant place to visit and work and for the animals to live in. Many thanks to our supporters for helping us with this huge project. We certainly could not do the work without the kindness and generosity of the animal loving public.

Please come by and visit and see the animals and their new (temporary) home.

Meet Daisy

Daisy is looking for a forever quiet home with one or two adults and no other pets.  She has been bounced around and needs a place where she won’t be afraid and can feel secure.    
She was evacuated to my spare bedroom last month and spent the first two days under the bed not eating.  After spending time with her several times a day and coaxing her out from under the bed with treats, I was able to gently brush her and pet her.  She craved attention but is very shy.   After about 5 days she was greeting me at the door and following me around wanting treats and to be brushed and petted. She is very gentle and needs a quiet place to go when she feels threatened.  
She doesn’t eat much but loves her treats and a high place where she can watch what is going on or look out a window.  She is a wonderful companion for the right person that is gentle and patient.  

Friends of PC Animals is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible. No one in Friends gets a salary and no money is spent on administrative fees. Friends is not a county entity. Donations can be sent to Friends, PO Box 182, Quincy 95971 or brought to the site at 2163 E. Main St. Thank you for your continued support.

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