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Another positive month for Seneca Hospital

The month of May once again allowed for continued positive trends for the Seneca Healthcare District and Seneca Hospital.

At the May 4 meeting of the district board of directors, it was reported that the financial status is still stable and improving.

The hospital was able to set aside $500,000 to a building improvement/replacement account.

This designated account will fund some necessary short-term projects as well as create a base for a long-term account toward a new hospital at the board’s discretion.

The HR department announced several new hires for open positions, including much-needed nurses.

On a lower point, Seneca CEO Linda Wagner read a letter of resignation from long time board member Bob Caton. His letter indicated that he needed more time to address family matters.

The board expressed sadness over the loss of Caton’s contributions to the board over the years and wished him the best of fortune in his new endeavors.

The board also made known that Caton’s leaving creates an open seat on the board that should be filled by appointment to fill out the remainder of his term, which ends Dec. 7, 2018.

In compliance with the Maddy Appointive Registry Act, the board can make this appointment on or after May 20.

If anyone is interested in submitting a letter of interest to the Seneca Board, information on board qualification and application submission is available at the Seneca Healthcare Administrative Office located at 130 Brentwood Drive, Chester, or by calling  258-2067.

More good tidings were announced May 11 as the hospital hosted a recognition lunch for several staff members who have achieved milestones at the hospital with years-of-service pins.

Those included were Carolina Martin and Elizabeth Steffen with five years, Cathy Maxey with 25 years and Linda McCurdy, Kelli Pettigrew and Kathryn Gorbet with 30 years of service at the hospital.

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