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Application for temporary asphalt plant permit suspended UPDATED

Perry Thompson, president of Hat Creek Construction, said this morning, June 12, that his firm has suspended its application for a temporary asphalt plant near Delleker. During a phone conversation early today, Thompson said that the decision was made because Hat Creek is currently third on the Caltrans list for this project because two companies submitted lower bids.  The Mercer Fraser Company of Eureka is the current low bidder with a bid that is substantially less. Thompson said that Hat Creek had a team of five working on the bid for six weeks to ensure that their bid was as accurate as possible.

When asked if he thought that the other company would seek to put up a temporary asphalt plant, Thompson said he didn’t know, but the only place a temporary asphalt plant can be placed in Plumas County  is in an area that is zoned heavy industrial, which the Deller site is. Hat Creek has completed numerous projects in Plumas County and is very familiar with the area.

UPDATED: Plumas County Planning Director Tracey Ferguson provided the following information this morning, June 13:

The Hat Creek Construction Site Development Permit (SDP 8-22/23-01) project CEQA MND – Mitigated Negative Declaration (State Clearinghouse Number 2023050270) comment period ended June 10, 2023. Due to the CEQA MND response to comments deliverable now pending, the application has been deemed “incomplete” (Plumas County Code, Site Development Permits, Section 9-2.1133(a)(3)) until such time the response to CEQA MND comments is satisfactorily provided to the Planning Department. The “incomplete status” is effective, Monday June 12th, 2023.  Once deemed incomplete, the Plumas County Code provides a 1-year time frame for the application to be made complete. Should the application not been made “complete” by June 12, 2024, the project will be considered “withdrawn.”


5 thoughts on “Application for temporary asphalt plant permit suspended UPDATED

  • Still say a site like the CalTrans sand yard near Hallelujah Junction might be appropriate for a temporary asphalt plant. We do need our highway resurfaced, but such a plant yards away from the river is not a good idea.

  • I agree with Dave Valle.

  • Seams like such a inconvenience for every one . Maybe we should let the road go back the pioneer days when it rains the mud gets so deep the wagon wheels sink in two feet deep and When its dry you can bounce in and out of the ruts and stir up the dust!!!!

  • If this is why Highway 70 is not being rehabilitated then the permit process needs to be accelerated or an alternative site found as soon as possible. I am not sure where the proposed site is in Delleker but there is already a concrete plant in the area, why is this any different? The roadway is falling apart and is getting hazardous. The section through Maybe is actually quite dangerous. It is getting to the point where there are going to be vehicle accidents resulting in injuries or even worse.

  • I agree the plant should be out by Hallaluah Junction. There are no houses near by and no river to be polluted

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