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Artist’s reception opens this Friday at Main Street Artists Gallery

Artist Russ Flint shows his work at the Main Street Artists Gallery, 436 Main St., in Quincy, through October.

Most of Russ Flint’s art has always represented three fundamental elements: movement, composition and balance, which makes his work so unique and engaging.

In the show titled “Monumental Art,” which opensOct. 4 at Main Street Artists Gallery in Quincy, the viewer is confronted with lively scenes of domestic life from a prior century; a rural life of farming and harvesting, social life featuring musicians and dancers and harmonious domestic scenes that evoke nostalgia for the simple pleasures of the pre-industrial past.

Flint’s style is influenced by Renaissance art with heavy emphasis on balance, movement and composition. But unlike those medieval masters like Rubens and Michelangelo, who only did the design and organization of a piece, but had apprentices fill in the detail, modern artists rarely have that luxury.

Flint is fascinated by the great medieval monumental cathedrals which forced all art of that period to be monumental and this factor is echoed in his current work: tall, vertical, larger-than-life, and as awe-inspiring as the cathedrals.

This geometry can be woven into figures as well as structures, but historically, this Renaissance movement was replaced when Michelangelo rebelled against it and introduced Mannerism (as in his “Last Judgment”) followed by El Greco and others. Flint believes imbalance to be disturbing, but that “it creates interest.” However, in his own work he stays with symmetry because “people like it.”

The opening takes place from 5 to 7 p.m., at the gallery located at 436 Main St., in downtown Quincy.

Complimentary wine and appetizers will be served.

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