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At least 1,112 votes remain to be verified and counted; could impact some races

There are at least 1,112 ballots that remain to be verified and counted in Plumas County, with 913 votes separating Sheriff Todd Johns and his challenger Dwight Cline.

Plumas County Clerk Recorder Marcy DeMartile reported that an additional 512 postmarked ballots arrived in the mail today, June 8, at her office, and these will be added to the 600 already in her office that were not included in the June 7 count last night. All 1,112 ballots, plus any more postmarked ballots that arrive within seven days (as prescribed by law), will be processed and verified and then counted next Tuesday.

DeMartile said that the next update for an Election Summary report will be after 4 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14.

The ballots that remain to be counted exceed the differences between the candidates in the contested local races. Here are last night’s results:

Plumas County Sheriff

Dwight Cline: 2,045

Todd Johns: 2,958

Plumas County Assessor

Cindie Froggatt: 2,529

Amy Hendrickson: 2,111

District 3 Supervisor

Kelley Cote: 417

Tom McGowan: 567

District 5 Supervisor

Jeff Engel: 828

Mimi Garner: 315

As of last evening, 5,150 ballots  had been counted reflecting a 37.33 percent voter turnout. (The elections office had sent out 13,810 ballots to registered voters.) That percentage will go up when all of the outstanding ballots are counted, but would only be hovering around the 45 percent mark. The lackluster turnout reflects what transpired across the state.

To view more details on how Plumas County voters cast their ballots in uncontested local races, as well as statewide races go to: election results

For more details on how Californians voted go to https://electionresults.sos.ca.gov


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