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Attention Quincy residents: High-schoolers will be playing Fugitive tonight

The annual tradition of playing Fugitive will be underway in Quincy tonight. For those who aren’t familiar with the activity, teenagers will be running around in dark clothing hiding from their senior classmates. You might encounter one or more of these teens lurking in your yard as they make their way from the starting point — the Alder Street campus of Quincy Elementary School across town to the Pioneer campus of Elementary School located on Mill Creek. Also use caution when driving this evening as the teens will be out and about after dark in dark clothing.

4 thoughts on “Attention Quincy residents: High-schoolers will be playing Fugitive tonight

  • It doesn’t sound safe the way most people drive around here.

  • Thank you Plumas County News for posting and making residents aware of this long standing end of school tradition happening tonight.
    Keep our teens safe out there.

  • This doesn’t seem like a great idea teaching kids to play fugitive. What does this represent? Who
    s to say bad people don’t join in on this and cause destruction.

  • I don’t care for strangers, of any age, roaming around my property, let alone unidentifiable, dressed in black and in the dark! Things can get out of hand!
    This is a good idea? Really? Who’s responsible if an accident happens, someone gets hurt or there’s property damage?

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