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Aug. 21 updates on Bear, Copper, Iron and Paxton fires

While the Claremont, Loyalton and Sheep fires are the largest burning in the area, there are several other fires burning. The following are a few of the larger ones.

The Bear Fire, burning in the same drainage as the Claremont is now at 250 acres. It has closed a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail, but is not threatening structures.

The Copper Fire, which prompted evacuations in Greenville earlier this week, is at 65 acres and holding. Crews have established a perimeter around the fire and it is staffed to keep it within the perimeter.

The Iron Fire, on Mount Hough, is at 175 acres. It is plumbed with hose line around it and is heavily staffed. There is an advisory evacuation order in place for Taylorsville residents.

The Paxton Fire is at 21 acres and is staffed.

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