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Aug. 26: Plumas announces 54 new cases

The Plumas County Public Health Agency announced this evening, Aug. 26, that there are 54 new cases to report — that is double the amount announced on Monday. The health agency is posting positive test results twice a week — on Mondays and Thursdays. On Monday, Aug. 23, (the last reporting day) 27 cases were reported.

Plumas News will work tomorrow to determine the number of individuals hospitalized.

The cases reported today are as follows:

Twenty-one cases for the Southern Region (Quincy/Meadow Valley): Seven confirmed on Aug. 24; four confirmed on Aug. 25 and ten confirmed today, Aug. 26.

Sixteen cases for the Eastern Region (Graeagle/Portola): Six confirmed on Aug. 24; five confirmed on Aug. 25 and five confirmed today, Aug. 26.

Eight cases for the Northern Region (Greenville/Indian Valley): two confirmed on Aug. 24; and six confirmed on Aug. 25.

Nine cases for the Western Region (Chester/Lake Almanor): four confirmed on Aug. 24; one confirmed on Aug. 25 and four confirmed today, Aug. 26.

The total confirmed number of coronavirus cases in the county to date is 983.

To sign up for a vaccine go to the state’s MyTurn system.

More information about COVID-19 in Plumas County can be found by calling the Public Health hotline at 283-6400 or by visiting its covid website here.

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