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The Cowboy Barbeque Crew is at the Elks lodge in East Quincy to serve Texas brisket to fire refugees and their friends toning and tomorrow. Photo by Ken Donnell

Authentic Texas barbecue arrives in Quincy to feed fire refugees, friends

By Ken Donnell

Special to Plumas News


Local restaurants are offering free meals to fire refugees and food trailers are arriving to serve free meals. Snack foods are available at multiple locations across town. I encourage all fire refugees to take full advantage of these offerings, while they are available.


I want to now inform everyone in Quincy about a culinary delight happening today and tomorrow (Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 9-10) at the Elks Lodge in East Quincy.  A Cowboy Barbeque Crew from Ozona Texas has pulled a huge mobile kitchen and smokehouse to Quincy and will be serving barbeque brisket tonight and tomorrow night from 5 p.m. until it is gone. Plus, they will also be serving breakfast tomorrow, (Tuesday) starting a 7 am until the food is gone.  While fire refugees have first priority, the community at large is welcome to come by and have a small taste of the mouthwatering magic which is Texas barbeque brisket


These folks made the big two-day drive from West Texas because they are family of Marjorie Meeker, owner of the Country Style salon in Greenville.  Marjorie is the person who cut most of our hair and did her best to keep us looking good.  These Texans have rallied the support of the Ozona community and their 1st Baptist church to provide the financial and emotional support to get these cowboys and cowgirls out to Plumas county.

These types of long-distance family connections are so important to help Plumas county Fire Refugees to survive and recover from the disasters we are now experiencing.  Yes, we need money and supplies, but we also need the personal contact of Americans helping other Americans during this time of great need.   It is a powerful testament to the strengths of family and community that our fellow citizens, half a continent away,  will make this effort to help, and on a moment’s notice.


I must confess to a certain bias towards barbeque, having been born and raised in north Texas.  Others might scoff at my comments, and especially those of a vegetarian bent.  But, if there is part of heaven devoted to culinary delights, there must be a large and well-lit section devoted specifically to Texas barbeque brisket. After my mother’s milk, brisket was the staple food of my youth.  And yes, I have eaten amazing barbeque brisket in many other southern states.  But please grant a moment of poetic license to my claim that, if there are saints & angels among us, they will probably be hanging around the Quincy Elks Lodge tonight, if only to savor the aroma of the Texas barbeque brisket slowly cooking over a mesquite and pecan wood fire.


For those fire refuges over in the Susanville area, who cannot come to Quincy, I have some good news.  A second convoy of relief supplies is being planned for delivery to Susanville at the Grocery Outlet parking lot on this coming Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 11, and we will be bringing several pounds of this brisket to serve all who come by.   Rest assured; I can speak from long experience that barbeque brisket tastes even better when served cold the day after.   Plus, there will be more free hand packed ice cream from MusicLand of Greenville.  Stay tuned to plumasnews.com and lassennews.com for more information about this second relief convoy to Susanville.


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