Ballot reminders from County Clerk; 25 percent voter turnout thus far

Thus far 25 percent of Plumas County registered voters have returned their ballots for the Nov. 8 election.

County Clerk Recorder Marcy DeMartile that there are some issues with the ballots that have been received such as no physical address on the ballot return envelope. “We need that information in order to process the envelope,” DeMartile said. Additionally she said if there is no signature on the ballot or the signature does not match the one that is on the voter’s current registration, her office contacts the voter to remedy the situation so the ballot envelope can be processed. “But if the instructions on the blue ballot return envelope are followed, it will not delay the processing,” she said.

If a Plumas County voter needs a replacement ballot, for whatever the reason, the voter is required to fill out a form so that elections workers can verify the signature to re-issue the replacement ballot.

You can come into the Elections office at 520 Main Street, Room 102 in Quincy and complete the required form and the ballot will be reissued to you over the counter.  You may also find the required form on our website at   Under the Forms and Resources tab, simply click the California Replacement Vote-By-Mail application.  “Once that completed and executed form is returned to our office, we verify the signature of the Voter, and then we are able to issue the replacement ballot and mail it to the address you provide on the Replacement Request form.  Tomorrow, Nov. 1 is the last day that we can mail any replacement ballots.  After that, the voter will need to come into our office located at 520 Main Street, Room 102 in Quincy,” DeMartile said.