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Ballots are in the mail for the Nov. 8 election

Your ballot for the Nov. 8 election is in the mail.

Plumas County Clerk Recorder Marcie DeMartile announced that ballots were mailed to 13,834 registered voters in Plumas County. If you are not currently registered, you have until Oct. 24 to register for this election. DeMartile expects ballots to arrive in most mailboxes by the end of this week, but if you haven’t received yours by Oct. 19, you should contact her office at 530-283-6256.

DeMartile reminds voters that they do not have to wait until Nov. 8 to return their ballot. You can put it in the mail – it is postage paid, so no stamp is needed. You may also drop the ballot into the return box located in front of the courthouse in Quincy. Or you can bring it into the election’s office located in the courthouse at 520 Main St., Room 102.

“We would like to remind all voters that the blue ballot return envelope that is issued to that voter, needs to be signed by that voter and your physical address documented on the envelope,” DeMartile said. “If this information is missing, it will delay the processing of the ballot. Our office does contact that voter to remedy that situation. It is also imperative that the voter does not tear, rip, or cut any portion of the ballot, not sign the ballot itself. You need to only sign the ballot return envelope.”

Election materials are not forwarded. If you have moved, you will need to reregister to vote. You can do that by going online at registertovote.ca.gov, or obtain a voter registration form at any post office. Those form are postage paid. You may also come into the elections office and staff can register you.

DeMartile said that there has been an increase statewide of harassment and threats against election officials. “We in Plumas County are not immune from such instances,” she said. “There are now procedures in place to protect all in the process and I would like to thank the courthouse security teams for their support in these processes.”

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