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Ballots trickling into the Plumas County elections office

According to the Plumas County elections officer, as of this afternoon, May 20, six percent of Plumas County registered voters have returned their June 7 Primary ballots. The more ballots that are returned before Election Day, the sooner Plumas County residents will know the results of the election. Those that are postmarked June 7 will be counted after they are received in the mail.

Marcy DeMartile, the chief elections official, reminds people that if they have not received their ballots yet and are registered to vote in Plumas County – they should contact her office.

She also reminds voters to make sure that their signature and physical address are on the blue return envelope for the ballot to be processed. Any questions call the office at 283-6256 or email at [email protected].

If individuals are not currently registered, they have until May 23 to register to vote for this election.

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