Navi Dhaliwal (seated left) and Kerry Hillis, contractors for PG&E greet attendees at the Community Wildfire Safety open house inside the Veterans Memorial Hall building in Chester on June 13. Along with several placards set up in the main room to provide important information about fire risks, a number of PG&E representatives provided answers to guests on policy changes and the company’s Public Safety Power Shutoff program. Photos by Stacy Fisher

Be prepared for wildfires

As part of its efforts to prepare customers and communities for the growing threat of wildfire, Pacific Gas and Electric Company has launched a robust weather webpage on, providing detailed, localized forecasts; and a seven-day, look-ahead regional forecast updated daily by a PG&E meteorologist that indicates the potential need to call a Public Safety Power Shutoff should high gusty winds and dry conditions, combined with a heightened fire risk, threaten a portion of the electric system.

“By expanding our network of weather stations and cameras and offering this real-time information to our customers and agency partners, PG&E continues to grow Northern and Central California’s awareness of the need to initiate a Public Safety Power Shutoff when conditions merit it,” said PG&E Meteorologist Scott Strenfel. Customers and communities need to prepare now he said.

For information about fire conditions in California, go to CalFire’s website, For more information about the Community Wildfire Safety Program, including links to update contact information, resources for Public Safety Power Shutoffs and a schedule of upcoming regional open houses and webinars, visit PG&E’s website at: