Beef fundraiser Sunday to benefit Portola Fire

The Portola Volunteer Fire Department is gearing up for its annual BBQ Beef Feed fundraiser July 16, 5 to 8 p.m., at the Portola City Park as all signs point to a larger than normal turnout.
Portola Fire lieutenant and secretary Amanda Duff said that somewhere around 400 tickets are expected to be sold, raising hopes at the department that this year’s festivities will be one of the most memorable since the tradition started 50 years ago.
The fundraiser also promises to be more interactive than years past because the department is adding a whole host of new activities such as a dunk tank for event-goers to try and soak unlucky firefighters.
Also, as is tradition, a classic, Americana-style meal will be cooked up by the department that will more than likely consist of beef, beans, salads, soda, beer and chips.
Those who are unable to make it to the event due to mobility issues or other physical constraints may buy tickets ahead of time and have their meal hand delivered to their door by one of the many helpful volunteer firefighters manning the event.
For those at the event, the department’s fleet of fire trucks will be brought out in full force so that children and curious adults can explore their inner workings, play with their fire hoses, and maybe even try out their sirens.
Tickets cost $15 for adults, $10 for children, and can be purchased ahead of time at Portola City Hall or at the event itself with no additional fee.
Locals might also want to keep an eye out for one of the friendly firefighters selling tickets door to door if they are interested in purchasing their tickets ahead of time or if they are interested in learning more about the department.
All the proceeds from ticket sales will be used to buy bikes and stocking stuffers for needy children as part of C. Roy Carmichael Elementary School’s Christmas giving project.
Money will also be raised through a drawing at the event for the Fire Department Association so that the department can buy a brand new Sparky mascot.
Duff said that the ultimate goal of this year’s Beef Feed is to kick off a series of new events aimed at bringing Portola together around the Fire Department.
Of course, fun is always a top priority and Duff promises no shortage of exciting activities.
“It’s just a great way to meet with our community,” she said. “A great day for the fire department to hang out, have a great time, and meet with locals.”