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Beginning next week, more details expected for COVID cases in Plumas

Plumas County reported 40 new COVID cases in the past week; the majority in the Southern Region of Quincy/American Valley. The increase in cases is not unique to Plumas County, they are rising across the state and the nation.

What is unique is that there is little information released about the cases — for instance are these cases being seen among the unvaccinated or are they breakthrough cases?

According to Public Health spokesperson Zach Gately, the agency has been reluctant to share specific information because the cases reported have been so few and there is concern for patient privacy. Now that cases are rising that is less of an issue and the agency is working on how the information will be shared.

As for this week’s cases, Gately said that the majority are associated with unvaccinated individuals.

Public Health is still contact tracing when cases are reported, though he said some individuals don’t cooperate.

In addition to more specific data associated with positive cases, Public Health will be releasing information next week about quarantine periods, etc.

As for hospitalizations associated with the outbreak, Gately said the agency is gathering that information. Earlier this week there were no known current hospitalizations.

To sign up for a vaccine go to the state’s MyTurn system.

More information about COVID-19 in Plumas County can be found by calling the Public Health hotline at 283-6400 or by visiting its covid website here.

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