B&G Services: Residential maintenance and repair and woodworking

                                                                               Brian Minert and Greg Hagwood

Brian Minert and Greg Hagwood have combined their respective talents and have opened a new business based in Quincy called B&G Services. The two specialize in providing an array of residential maintenance and repair services that includes lawn care, ground level pruning and trimming, sprinkler/irrigation system installation and repairs, adding that no job is too big or too small.

Brian offers extensive experience having worked in this field from the time he was a teenager. Another of his specialties is woodworking and cabinetry. The business also has a customized fully equipped  mobile woodworking workshop they utilize on site.

Many know Greg from the three decades he’s spent in public service, much of that in the Plumas Co. Sheriff’s department most recently as our former sheriff and now as the county supervisor for District 1.

Their work is fully insured. Brian can be reached at 530-927-9663, Greg at 530-394-7809