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Billing texts sent to some PDH patients are not a scam

A reader contacted Plumas News Nov. 16 to alert us of a suspicious text message that they had received and was concerned that it could be a scam. The message (which is shown below) concerned billing at Plumas District Hospital. Plumas News contacted JoDee Read, the CEO of the hospital, and she said that the hospital would investigate.

It turns out the text messages are not a scam. PDH released the following statement this morning, Nov. 19, to its staff and to Plumas News:

Recently, we learned that some community members have received what they felt were suspicious text messages about a “clinician bill from a visit to US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) at Plumas District Hospital.”  CEO JoDee Read reached out to her contact at USACS, our emergency department staffing company, for help verifying its legitimacy.   The USACS representative confirmed that the company does use direct to patient text messages to communicate with patients about billing status, as a way to pay their bill, and allow to patients to upload insurance information via the web link if no insurance information was captured during their emergency department visit.

Background:  Services rendered in Plumas District Hospital’s emergency department are provided by doctors who are not employees of Plumas District Hospital.  For over a decade, this service has been provided by VEP Healthcare Inc. (VEP).   In June 2021, VEP merged with US Acute Care Solution (USACS).  USACS is a nationwide provider of physician staffing services in the emergency, hospitalist and critical care settings.   They work with 260 programs across the country, including Quincy, California

Some of the information in this text message has been removed to protect identities. According to PDH, this is a legitimate text.

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