This is an example of what the CHP is warning against: Don't travel the backroads since 80 is closed. Photo courtesy of Plumas County Search and Rescue

Blunt message from the CHP: Don’t do it!

The Yuba-Sutter office of the CHP issued the following message this morning on its Facebook page. Very well said:

There is no other way to put this. STOP TRYING TO USE THE BACKROADS TO GET TO NEVADA! (Marysville Rd OR Quincy-LaPorte Rd) Wait until I-80 is open. Caltrans has far more resources to clear I-80 then the small county road crews do. If you take the back roads there is VERY limited cell phone coverage in remote areas. Taking these roads right now are literally at your own peril. Our rescue helicopters cannot fly in these conditions to rescue you when you get stuck. Our only towing service in the foothills had been running on at least 18 hours and he has to sleep at a point before it becomes unsafe for him to work! 4WD tow trucks from other areas will take an extremely long time to get to you. ONCE AGAIN, STOP TRYING TO TRAVERSE THE MOUNTAIN PASSES UNTIL THE STORM PASSES!

Please share this with everyone you know and call people you know who are trying to travel over the mountains tonight and tell them to wait it out!!!