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Board appoints county clerk, assessor

By Victoria Metcalf

Plumas County Supervisors have chosen the new heads of the Assessor’s office and the Clerk/Recorder’s office.

Tuesday, Feb. 9, supervisors chose Deputy Assessor Cindie Froggatt to replace Assessor Chuck Leonhardt, who retired from his longtime department head position Jan. 12.

And on Tuesday, Jan. 19, supervisors selected Marcy DeMartile, longtime elections coordinator for the position of Plumas County Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters. DeMartile has been with the county for approximately 18 years. She replaces Kathy Williams who retired in December 2020.

Both are elected positions, but members of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors chose to take applications and interview candidates in a public session. Supervisors then selected the candidate of choice for each position. The other option would have been to hold special elections for each position.

Appointment process

Two applicants appeared before the Board of Supervisors for the position of Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters: Assistant Clerk Julie Hagwood, who had been appointed to temporarily fill Williams’ vacated position, and DeMartile, elections coordinator.

Due to what was seen as a conflict of interest by other supervisors, District 4 Supervisor Greg Hagwood (whose wife is Julie Hagwood) was not in the room for interviews or during the selection process.

Each candidate was invited to go over her qualifications for the position.

DeMartile said she has been with the elections side of the clerk-recorder’s operation since 2004. She went through her extensive involvement with county, state and federal elections as well as changes in voting procedures.

Hagwood was hired in 2015 and assisted the department head with all phases of the operation including working with elections. She had previously been the deputy city clerk in Portola.

“I think we should take care of this now,” Supervisor and Chairperson of the Board of Supervisors Jeff Engel said following interviews with the two candidates.

“It looks like Marcy’s got 16, 17 years experience and Julie has 7,” Engel said opening discussions without the two applicants present.

Human Resources Director Nancy Selvage said that Hagwood had approximately 8 years.

Hagwood said she was hired in 2013 as the Lead Deputy Clerk Recorder. She was promoted in 2018 to Assistant Clerk Recorder.

Engel then recommended they choose DeMartile because she had worked for the county longer than Hagwood. Engel said that if people weren’t happy with that decision they could elect someone else in three years. Selvage said, “Correct.”

The filing period for the clerk-recorder position is in 2021 and elections would be held in 2022, the end of what would have been Williams’ full term in office.

Supervisors unanimously chose DeMartile in a roll call vote.

Assessor’s process

Two candidates sought the position of assessor: Acting Assessor Cindie Froggatt and Chief Appraiser Amy Hendrickson.

Following interviews of the two candidates, the supervisors initially voted two to two for Amy Hendrickson, with Supervisor Greg Hagwood abstaining.

Hagwood said he abstained because he objected to the way supervisors were conducting the elected official hiring processes. He said he saw that with last year’s interviews for sheriff, and again with the selection of the clerk-recorder/registrar of voters.

When the position was voted on a second time, Hagwood said he voted because the board did discuss the candidates. In that vote, the supervisors voted 3-2 to appoint Froggatt. Hagwood joined Jeff Engel and Dwight Ceresola in selecting Froggatt. Supervisors Kevin Goss and Sherrie Thrall had voted for Hendrickson.

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