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Board hears about unemployment efforts and business problems

Business and employment were the main topics of discussion at the Plumas County Board of Supervisor’s meeting Aug. 7.

Val Bourque, a representative from the Alliance for Workforce Development, had good news for the supervisors. She talked about the efforts of the alliance, which provides services to meet the needs of job seekers and employers in multiple counties. Bourque focused on the job advancements in Plumas County, saying unemployment is down from last year.

The alliance served 3,032 visitors and provided 134 businesses with services, including employer-based training and cost reimbursements for training and certifications. Bourque said there are currently more jobs than employees in Plumas County. She said there are over 100 jobs and many of them are in the technical fields, which is an area struggling for employees countrywide.

“These are all the challenges of a growing community,” said Bourque.

Business licenses for Plumas County?

Plumas County businesses might have some new regulations after a discussion by the board. District 4 Supervisor Lori Simpson opened a discussion about the amount of businesses that are not going through the proper channels to get signage approved.

“How do we get the word out that they need to go through the [design review] committee?” said Simpson.

A few districts have design review committees appointed by the board that approves designs for new businesses, including the signage.

According to the county’s planning department, there are currently 38 signs in Quincy alone, that have been put up without proper permitting. There are also uncounted sandwich signs and banners that are prohibited without proper permits. The board discussed how to encourage adherence to permitting, and broached the topic of business licenses.

Currently, business licenses are not required in order to start a business in the county. However, if the county implemented a business license process, it would help in clarifying rules and regulations for business establishments. The board did not make any decisions in the discussion, but Simpson said she would keep the topic on the agenda for further discussion.

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