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Board of Supervisors not sure how to respond to Grand Jury

The Plumas County Board of Supervisors is speechless when it comes to the Grand Jury Report. At the Sept. 12 meeting, the board strategized the best way to respond to the findings and recommendations of the report.

“I have to sit down twice with this and I really have no idea how to respond to it,” said District 3 Supervisor Sherrie Thrall. “I am very unhappy with it. I don’t know how to respond to it and I think it is the strangest Grand Jury Report I have ever seen.”

County Counsel Craig Settlemire walked the board through the response process, including the 90-day timeframe in which the board must write a response, which is expiring in the next two weeks.

The board has four response options. The first would be to respond that the recommendation has been implemented. The second is the recommendation has not been implemented, the third is the recommendation requires further analysis, and the fourth is the recommendation will not be implemented because it is unwarranted or unreasonable.

“I like that one,” said Thrall.

Thrall specifically cited the review of the probation department. The county grand jury report states, “In the absence of a Chief Administrative Officer, it is the Board of Supervisors’ responsibility to directly supervise the probation department.”

“Pardon me,” Thrall said. “Whether we have an executive officer or not, he is not responsible for the success of probation. The board is always responsible.”

“It is very concerning,” said Simpson. “Personally I’d like to write my own response.”

“There is a lot of hidden agenda here … I think part of this is slanted towards trying to get a CAO,” said District 1 Supervisor Michael Sanchez.

The board members will work on unifying their final response to the report at the next meeting.

One thought on “Board of Supervisors not sure how to respond to Grand Jury

  • Can not share this amazing article. It says “page not found”. Can you fix that?
    Also, why is the article “Supervisors approve mental health plan” not online? Or did I miss it somehow?
    It comes on the heels of the article last week “Mental Health Director resigns”
    It seems funny that the mh director resigns one week and the next the bos approves a move to share mh funds with other various agencies the next???
    And bos is considering closing the Crisis Center. The one place the people of this town can get help with fax, food bank vouchers, laundry, heating assistance, access to computers, and much more. And didnt they get grants to keep going? Where did that money go?
    Also, I saw.yesterday that Lori Simpson is indeed running the show at the library. Why is there no one to run it? It appears Lori Simpson has her hands full enough. She cant even figure out how to answer the Grand Jury Report.
    And what about the drug court the da says needs to be in place?
    Everything seems to be going directly to hell here. Maybe we need someone from the outside to examine where the money is going…or the people need to pay more attention.
    Something bad is going on here and Lori Simpson can not run every department that seem to be losing its administrators. Believe that!
    We desperately need someone to oversee the Senior Service programs up at the.annex and transportation and Senior Nutrition because sadly, they are lacking. Where are all the results of the surveys and excitement at the beginng year for Senior programs? There were tons of them in the paper but I see nothing new.
    And the Seniors and low income people need someone to watch over their health care and someone they can go to when they have been wronged by other agencies, Drs, etc? Because I have spoken to many people and they are not being protected and they need that! Seniors are suffering medically and many other ways…so are many low income people because there is no one to make sure they are getting.good care. Cant get help up at the annex like it should be provided..
    Someone who knows something needs to get involved and give a damn about all this….and MUCH more. Someone who can and will care enough to find out what the hell is…or is not going on. Someone who will talk to the people cause there is much that needs to come out. California has gone to hell…we need to protect our County now because some leadership is incompetent as all get out. Out town is surely declining. We need to discuss all this. How about an open forum right here? For people who are afraid to speak for fear of retribution of the tight knit agencies that run the show for us. There is much to be told…we the little people need to be heard without fear.

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