Boil water notice for Chester canceled

On Nov. 1 a boil water notice was issued to all Chester PUD customers after routine and repeat bacteriological samples collected from its distribution system showed the presence of E. Coli bacteria. Since then, the utility district has disinfected and flushed the distribution system, and collected three more rounds of bacteriological samples throughout the system.

None of the sample sets collected over the past four days have detected the presence of E. Coli or total coliform bacteria, showing that the contamination has been eliminated. The investigation up to this point has indicated that one of the district’s wells was contaminated. That well has since been taken offline and will not be used again until the problem has been corrected and more bacteriological samples collected from the well show it is safe to use.

Based on the test results it appears all contamination has been eliminated, and the water is now safe to drink.

For more information call:

Chester PUD: (530) 258-2171.

SWRCB Division of Drinking Water: (530) 224-4800.

Plumas County Environmental Health Department: (530) 283-6355.