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Boil water notice lifted; future actions to be discussed

The boil water advisory that was put into place for American Valley Community Services District water users in west Quincy on Sept. 20 because of the presence of E. Coli has been lifted. The contamination in the water distribution system no longer exists and it is no longer necessary to boil water before using.

Samples collected prior to and during the boil water advisory suggested that the source of contamination was within the distribution system. The district disinfected the entire water distribution system with chlorine. After safe levels of chlorine were detected throughout the distribution system, the chlorine was turned off and and the entire system flushed.
On Sept. 24, the district collected bacteriological samples from throughout the distribution system; none showed the presence of total coliform bacteria or E. Coli. bacteria in the water. Confirmation samples were then collected on Sept. 25, at the same locations, which again showed no presence of total coliform or E. Coli. Based on these test results, it appears that the contamination has been eliminated, and the water is now safe to drink.

However, the source of the contamination has not been determined. Early next week, the state water board, county environmental health and the district will meet to discuss the issue.

For more information call:
Water Utility contact: Jim Doohan, American Valley CSD (530) 283-0836.

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