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Book sale a success

Next sale planned

The Quincy Friends of the Plumas County Library would like to thank everyone who helped and shopped at the August Book Sale! The sale was a huge success with combined sales, membership, and silent auction proceeds totaling $1,850.70. The silent auctions held during the sale and prior to the sale at Plumas Bank were very successful.

Prior to the sale, Quincy Friends received some very large donations from the community. The Quincy Friends volunteer group works very hard to deliver quality books to the community at each sale.

These book sales are Quincy Friends main source of revenue, and they need donations in order to have profitable sales. They hope that the community can help manage the donations by looking carefully at each book before donating it.

Please make sure that it is gently used and not outdated. (example: medical and financial books can be in perfect condition, but outdated). Ask yourself if you can imagine someone buying it. If the answer is “no” then please discard it yourself. Quincy Friends realizes that it is difficult to discard books because we love them so much, however, books that are outdated, torn or dirty will not sell and must be discarded by our volunteers.

Quincy Friends has limited storage for the donations between sales and ask you to contact us if you have more than three boxes to donate at a time so that we can manage the intake of your gently used books. Please do not leave your donations on the porch at the library, but leave them with the library staff or contact Quincy Friends at [email protected] or Jimmie at 283-9854.

They accept hardback and paperback fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, gardening, crafts, travel, music, history, art, biographies, self- help, etc., as long as it is not outdated.

Quincy Friends cannot accept magazines or periodicals, pamphlets, encyclopedias, textbooks or computer books. If you have any questions about what or when you can donate, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Quincy Friends will hold its next sale Nov. 7 through 9. Quincy Friends membership is $10 annually (Jan-Dec) and a lifetime membership is $100. You can become a member anytime during the year or at the sale.

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