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Bucks Lake, Gold Lake roads now open; La Porte Road is next

By Debra Moore

[email protected]

Plumas County Road crews have been working since May 15 to reopen several snow-packed roadways in the county and as of this morning, June 7, there is good news to report. Deputy Director of Public Works Joe Blackwell provided updates on three roads of particular note.

Bucks Lake Road

All county roads are open in the Bucks Lake area including the Bucks-Oro Highway linking Plumas County to Butte County. Blackwell said there is still some storm damage on the Butte County side, where there could be one-way traffic control, but the roadway is open.

La Porte Road

The La Porte crew has the roadway opened to the paved section of the lake and started toward Quincy yesterday, while workers from the Quincy side are working to meet them. Blackwell said there are about 10 miles of road to be cleared with some areas of deep snow. He expects the road to be opened from Quincy to La Porte sometime next week.

Gold Lake Road

Gold Lake Road is now open. It opened from the Plumas side on Monday and from the Sierra County side yesterday. Blackwell reports that the road to Frazier Falls is also open.

Thunderstorms bring more issues

Just as crews are wrapping up snow removal, they are facing a new challenge: mud and debris from the heavy rains that are impacting the county. As of this morning, one mile of Warner Valley Road was inundated with mud and debris, while there are also issues on Juniper Lake Road and Seneca Road.

Regular work

The same crews that have been opening the roadways are those that are needed to begin the regular seasonal work that includes paving, chip sealing, pothole patching and vegetation management along the roadways.

2 thoughts on “Bucks Lake, Gold Lake roads now open; La Porte Road is next

  • So thankful for our roads crew! Long winter and spring flowing right into road improvements! Hats off to them all!

  • Does anyone have a report on Gold Lake Campground?
    Rec.gov has opening on 6/24. Just wondering if that’s accurate

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