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Building Community Through Wildfire: Quincy Firewise to meet Wednesday

Quincy Firewise is a local volunteer group making efforts to create a more fire aware and fire prepared community. Quincy Firewise invites all Quincy residents to engage with these efforts and attend our monthly Firewise gathering. This month we will hear more from our Quincy Firewise leads, Mike Flanigan and Richard Stockton, who will welcome all in attendance and provide updates on the insurance industry and introduce our guest speaker. We are happy to host Jonathan Pangburn, Plumas Area Forester from CAL FIRE, who will share his expertise in effective pile burning. He will talk about proper pile construction, safety, and permitting requirements. He plans to retain plenty of time for questions and answers. We will also have a signup sheet for our free Peer to Peer Home (P2P) Consultation service.

Quincy Firewise continues to meet monthly to provide guest speakers and share up to date information on home/property insurance, evacuation preparedness, home hardening, creating defensible space zones around homes and structures, pile burning tips and Plumas Underburn Cooperative (PUC).

If you are passionate about building relationships with your peers while participating in collective actions to protect our community from wildfire, we welcome you to join us each month. We also encourage you to bring a friend and neighbor.

When: Wednesday, April 27, 2022 from 5-6 pm (meetings are scheduled the 4th Wednesday of every month)

Where: West End Theatre inside of Quintopia, on Main Street in downtown Quincy.

Contact us at [email protected] or like us on Facebook


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