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Butte County man finally apprehended

Jacob Lee Rice Sr. apprehended Saturday, Feb. 15. Photo submitted

A Butte County man wanted on a felony warrant led law enforcement officers on a three-day manhunt. That man, Jacob Lee Rice Sr., was finally apprehended near the New England Ranch on Quincy Junction Road around 1:45 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 15.

It was California Highway Patrol Officer Macloud Luntey who observed a pedestrian acting strangely while crossing the road, said Quincy Area CHP Lt. Erik Egide.

When Luntey saw the man drop down into a culvert, he stopped, contacted the pedestrian and used high-risk procedures when he recognized him as the suspect. “Without incident, Mr. Rice surrendered and was taken into custody by Officer Luntey,” Egide said.

Local law enforcement officers’ involvement with Rice began Thursday, Feb. 13, evening. Rice allegedly cut off the electronic ankle monitoring device and fled Butte County. Officers from that county joined members of the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and CHP officers in a traffic stop near Chandler Road East, according to Sheriff Todd Johns.

Rice had a no bail warrant, extensive criminal history, and was considered armed and dangerous. He was thought to be carrying a knife.

Rice, however managed to evade officers. After a search of the Chandler Road and surrounding areas officers discontinued the search for the night.

It was after 9 a.m. Friday, Feb. 14, when someone reported seeing a man wearing a hoodie near the Massack Rest Area.

Sheriff’s deputies and members of the CHP were once again deployed to that area. Officers initially staged at the rest area and then spread out along Highway 70 in their search. Officers also took to the hillsides in their efforts to find the man.

Also to assist, the CHP brought in Northern Division Air Operations helicopter to check the area from overhead. And a USFS K9 Handler was ordered, according to Egide.

Rice alluded officers once again Feb. 14. Efforts continued again Feb. 15 when reports came in that he might be in a new area.

Rice was booked into the Plumas County Correctional Center in Quincy on a felony warrant and other charges relating to his three days on the run.

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