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Butte County seeking funds rather than material donations

The Butte County Emergency Operations Center released a statement Nov. 20, stating, “It is truly amazing to see the kindness that has poured out of our community following this disaster. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. At this time, our donation operations are at capacity and cannot accept any more material donations.”

Shelters and various locations throughout Butte County have also been impacted by the overabundance of generous donations.

According to the EOC, the best way to help at this time is through monetary donations to trusted organizations. Monetary donations are the easiest to manage and provide the means to purchase the exact items in need. Please utilize trusted organizations for monetary donations to avoid potential scams. Some recommendations are:

– North Valley Community Foundation

– North Valley Animal Disaster Group

– Caring Choices

– United Way

– American Red Cross

– Salvation Army

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